Before that fateful encounter at Slidetown Station, before Grimsouls and Void Faeries and cryptomycology and the Engine of Armageddon there were OTHER STORIES of Percival Gynt.

Percival Gynt and the Conspiracy of Days, the new science-fantasy novel from author Drew Melbourne, is on sale now! But Percival Gynt's adventures don't begin OR end with the Conspiracy of Days.

For those of you who haven't read Conspiracy of Days yet, these stories serve as the perfect (spoiler-free) introduction to the universe of Percival Gynt!

And for those who've already devoured Conspiracy, these stories are your opportunity to, um... eat more? I guess?

(Extended metaphors are hard, y'all.)

New stories are released every six weeks.

For release announcements, please visit the author's website or follow the author on Twitter or Facebook.